Saturday, November 17, 2012


Love Street Art
When I first heard you,
I could feel the future... 
It was made of all those dreams I've been carrying on for lives.
When I am close to you,

I can see in your eyes that I live in that reflection.
I spend evenings creating cliches phrases to describe what I feel for you.
They come late and
stumbling on other thoughts, they get lost, before I can speak... 
They become sweat when I see you. 
Sweating those words I hope they can be written on your body when I squeeze you with a visceral embrace. 
I want them tattooed on your skin so you won't forget the effect you have on me.
When you go away, I repeat to myself your stories so they can become your presence in mental verses that entertain the long hours that insist on keeping us apart.

Some days the fears that bounds us whisper tales to my ears, contradicting all the love poems we create together when tangling our bodies in our late night dances...
From far away I see you hiding behind the turbulence of new emotions
My soul scream for you to dive into their waves, but my body swims away with a naive intention to protect my heart. 
In vain my arms try to reach shore not knowing the heart that once beat inside me is long pounding in your ears... 
According to your own pace...
From here, lacking oxygen in every cell, I can only observe still, hoping someday the music will start again... 

On one of those late nights with so much, so much... I love you.

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Weena Potter said...

I found this very beautiful and so meaningful! Sometimes late at night I love you so much! So much love! Deep, Moe! I love you