Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Instant Poem

I want to write a line for you
A colorful line
I want to fill it with yummy sensations
A thankful line
A line to make you smile
I want to write a line for you
A colorful line


Enjoy it

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tempo de Lindo

E em horas que não te pertencem eu te faço presente.
Surrounded by yellow in an old platform, I feel the air touching my neck.
And smiling I pause for (Started may 23 at 1:16 pm. Continued June 1 at 2:53 pm) a frame, a still frame of compassion for what is out of my skin.
(Continued June 2 at 6:56 pm)
I sit on a couch in a place that doesn't belong to me.
I put my legs up on a table and I let what crosses my eyes to guide what moves my fingers to play poems to the loyalty I keep to what I feel.
When I set my heart free, I found space for some clarity and now my fairy tale became real.
And it was by speaking out what i felt that it flew from me.
Thank you for listening.
Now, with all so quiet, there is lightness again.
I like what only silence can say.
It resets the contradictions I so much love.
It makes alright to go away just to arrive where we started.
I had a dream last night and I was half awake.
On that precise moment I was blessed with the understading of the continuity of everything.
Now I know that if I breath deep enough you will be so close I could suffocate...
I write this for you and I'm happy.
Every time you see me sad, do not worry...
I am just digging the hole deeper so I can fit all the glad drops life spreads around us.
It is also there where I can put the happiness we invent randomly on the corners of silly special moments.
(Continued June 5, 7:34 pm)
And just silly as it is, I keep digging and breathing deep, grabbing drops here and there...