Sunday, November 14, 2010

3:33 pm

Some love fight context
Mine fight the stars
I think of you and my brain freezes
I long for you as my body tries to scape
I love for you hoping it will be enough for both
I embrace our story as destiny without miracles
I continue seeking paradoxes that were long ago solved
I keep your intense wanting as a proof of your care for me
I ay inside not realizing the sounds won't get quieter as time goes by
Your skin dresses all I ever wanted
But fear stands in our way as bubbles distracting young eyes
When there
are distance the floor shakes under me
When distance shortens everything stops, acknowledging your presence
All gets so tight that the I love you I keep for you gets stuck between our gaze
And in the rush to make all right, we lose the present, forcing our souls to look out in other directions
It wasn't my back you saw running away again
I was just giving you distance to savor my love
Such a pity, it is so tasteless now...